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It’s once again time for the Photo Blogging Challenge!

Yes, it’s one of my favorite posts of the month as I get to participate in a challenge about photography. My new favorite hobby! Photography not challenges of course.

Every month I get to choose five of my favorite photos and along with a particular theme and share them with you in PJ’s Photo Blogging Challenge. I’ve done this for a few months, probably a few more than I can remember or want to admit (mainly hoping I’m younger than I actually am).

This month’s theme is FOUR. Due to this being the four-year anniversary of PJ’s Photo Blogging Challenge. So each one of this month’s photos goes with the theme, unlike other months. So take a look and comment if you can get each reference of four I’m referring to.

Take a look at mine, take a look at PJ’s, the others participating and join the fun and share your own pictures.

But before that…

Check out my five!

1. Classic Volkswagen

I was caught off guard one day while venturing into Wal-Mart, when I parked next to this 1981 Volkswagen car. I was shocked it was still on the road, I wasn’t too shocked that the backseat was made of cardboard. But what dedication to continue to have this on the road.


2. Lights At The Museum

I visited the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, commonly known as Mass MOCA, in North Adams, Massachusetts which is a museum from a converted factory building complex.. It is one of the largest centers for contemporary visual art and performing arts in the United States and with numerous displays I saw these 4 spotlights shinning down on one of them and I thought it’d be just perfect for this challenge.


3. The Water tower of Ballston

One of my favorite new activities is driving around and snapping pictures with my camera. It’s dangerous yes, but it’s very fun. This is one of those pictures I snapped. It’s of the water tower from Ballston, New York. It reminds me of an opening of a certain long-lasting animated sitcom.


4. A Monument Stands Tall

Traveling around in Ballston Spa, I stumbled upon a war memorial. The historic town of Ballston Spa which houses numerous memorials, classic homes and even hosted the Balloon Rally I photographed last year is a great small town.


5. Garth In Person

Legendary Country singer Garth Brooks along with his wife and Trisha Yearwood came to perform at the Times Union Center in Albany, New York. I was lucky enough to bring in my camera, although only my smaller lens, I snapped over 700 pictures and this just happened to be one of my favorite. Oh, and I wish I had attended all three nights he was in town as opposed to the one I did.

  1. Well, that’s my five, until next month take a look around Hachland and visit PJ’s Photo Blog Challenge for more photos!