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There’s something about this picture. It’s a love, hate and complete disgust. I love the aspect of this picture, it captures a rustic vintage look. But and that’s where the hate and disgust come in.

Within the past year, I’ve begun a new aspect of my life and that’s photography. For those who have followed around know about this, those who don’t well don’t.

But with this new photography venture I have taken some great pictures and I’ve taken some complete duds. This is somewhere in the middle. Aspects of this like I’ve said are good, but the clouds just are terrible.

Heavy editing hasn’t helped and probably has actually hurt this.

If you start from the bottom of this photo is good, I love it, but when you start from the top it’s garbage.

What are your thoughts? Anything salvaging or should I just go back out and try to recapture this photo?