The Battle Of Albany

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Today in the Capital Region there’s a number of big events going on. The biggest according to the mainstream media is the Triple Crown winning horse American Pharaoh running at the Saratoga Race Track’s Travers. But that’s petty change to the bigger story. And that story is there’s a battle going on in Albany. As two rival wrestling organizations go head to head!

Local wrestling organizations In Your Face Wrestling will be running their show out of the Polish Community Center in Albany, New York. While The Dynasty will be running their show in Troy, New York’s Boys & Girls Club. Yes, before I get any hate mail saying Troy and Albany are different, yes, I know. But for the sake of this article they’re in the same town. Because really they are.

While Albany may not be the wrestling capital of the world. There has been some big significant moments in wrestling history. From the 1992 WWF Royal Rumble to No Mercy in 2000 and WCW Clash Of The Champions IX. And who could forget the WWE Raw where Stone Cold Steve Austin took that beer truck and sprayed down Vince McMahon. Oh, just to see Vince McMahon in pain is all the happiness I need.

Will this day be as glorious as those previous days? Probably not. Sorry, but the significance to these two wrestling companies running on the same day in the grand scheme of the wrestling world is insignificant. And rather not of note.

But why then do I mention it?

Because it is some pretty big news. Especially for the local wrestling fan. While no huge names outside of Jimmy Hart will be in attendance at both shows. Outside a few independent wrestlers yet to catch their big break. But the fact two wrestling shows are running within 12.7 miles of each other. It will send big word to other wrestling companies that there is wrestling fans in the area. And we’re hungry for wrestling!

Hopefully the local wrestling fan turns out and says “Yes, wrestling there is a fan.” We may not be Philadelphia and we won’t be able to run two, three or even more shows on the same night. We still have the passion.

Speaking of Philadelphia, I remember years ago attending a Ring of Honor (ROH) show. It was in September 2001 and while standing in line waiting for the doors to open a truck drove by promoting another companies show. That company was called 3pW.

That company was running out of the ever so famous ECW Arena. The company I was attending was running out of a small building called the Murphy Recreational Center. Now if you’re a wrestling fan you’ll know the end result of this feud.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying one of these two companies running shows today will become another Ring Of Honor. What I am saying that it’s been done before. And it makes for better wrestling. Something that we saw in the 1990s during the Monday Night War’s when WCW and WWE went head to head on Monday nights.

So what show should I attend if I’m in the area?

Good question.

Me personally am not going to reveal this. But what I will tell you is who is in attendance for today’s shows.

For In Your Face Wrestling, the company that’s been going strong for over a decade, has their head trainer Drake Evans, Lenn Oddity, Northern Fury, Elite Terrel, Chip Stetson, Fronz Roddy, former TNA star Jesse Neal, plus my friend Zane Maverick will be debuting.

As for the upstart Dynasty they will have WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart, Chuck Deep, Brad Wesley, Ben Ortiz who has wrestled for Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore, , Travis Dorian, Mike Verna and 2CW stand out Sean Carr.

So as the battle for Albany begins who will you chose? Be careful when crossing the line. Because well, it’s the Hudson River. And you might get wet!

The Revolutionary War Cemetery

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In 1767 the creation of the Salem, New York cemetery occurred. Two-hundred and forty-eight years later I arrived and visited this said cemetery. A cemetery that has the most Revolutionary War soldiers buried in it in the entire Washington County. It’s commonly referred to as the Revolutionary War Cemetery or the Old Salem Burying Grounds.

The history of this cemetery is of course quite epic. I mean how many other cemeteries in the world are nearly 250 years old? Not too many. Add in the fact this has numerous men who were part of the American Revolution. This is indeed a must visit for any historian and/or cemetery buff.

Granted the cemetery isn’t one of huge monuments or even famous people known throughout the world. But it does have a few people who you’ll enjoy to learn more about.

One of the saddest stories about this location happened right after the Battle of Saratoga in 1777. Local legend has it that about 100 soldiers bodies were placed upon wagons and brought to this site and buried in one big common grave.

And much like the town of Salem in Massachusetts, this town with the same name in New York had similar “witch hunts.” As Margaret Tilford, who was accused of being a witch, because people blamed her for putting spells on cows. Yes, even nearly a 100 years after the crazy witch hunts in Massachusetts, there were witch hunts. Margaret’s trial would end up being forgotten about due to the Battle of Saratoga. Her grave site is located her next to her husband George.

Also note there’s a United States Congressman is buried here. As John Williams, who won election to Congress in 1794 as a Democratic-Republican and 1796 as a Federalist, and served from 1795 to 1799. He passed away in 1806 and is most likely one of the most famous men buried here.

It is also of note that four men are buried here who share the same name with a United States President. And that name? John Adams. Yes, there are four John Adams buried in here.

Now you’re probably wondering is this cemetery still, you know, accepting bodies? And that answer is… No. John Gillis was the last person buried here in 1923. This was done using a special permit.

James McNish is the eldest person buried after dying at the age of 104 years old. He was veteran of the Revolutionary War.

With 1,098 graves located in this Old Salem Burying Ground it’s a must visit for anyone. While the drive is a little off the beaten trail, it is well worth it.

For more information on this place check out these links…

Is Bryce Williams The Shooter? On Twitter He Reveals More!

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As I returned to work this morning, I had the gifted oppertunity to unload the perishable truck. Which is a truck that is delivered to my grocery store every day that contains produce items, seafood items and meat items. As well as other surprises.

While unloading the truck, I noticed a package. It had it’s expiration date. It’s date said September 1st, 2015. It reminded me that it’ll soon be 14 years since 9/11.

Fast forward a few hours and I’m back at home. Going through my photos from this past weekend and suddenly I start hearing about this shooting. A shooting that was caught on the news.

As it turns out some former news reporter who worked with the news team comes up to the team as their taping a fluff story. Which is being aired live on television. He’s video taping it and ends up shooting them.

So while watching all of this, as this is still happening.

I’m watching CNN and they drop the shooters name. I jump onto my computer and search for what I can find. I find his LinkedIn page and then find links to his Twitter and Facebook pages.

11950976_10155962579625517_610613883_nI start noticing his Twitter page being updated in real time.

11911791_10155962579760517_1708048873_nHe starts tweeting random things. In coherent ramblings that none of us understand about. And suddenly after about 5 or so tweets he drops a video. A video of him shooting….

I feel glad that I researched and found this information, sad and terrible that someone thought this was the right way to go. I know I usually make jokes about things like this, but maybe the people were right to go to human resources.

Who was Susan B. Anthony?

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After spending three days in Boston, Massachusetts. And obviously loving the exploring of history and all, I had the luck of having an extra day off in part of my four day weekend. So without much planning and knowing that we could visit any where we wanted to. We decided to explore Washington County in upstate New York. Simply because of the thought we’d like to attend the Washington County Fair later in the day.

So just before heading out onto the road, we did some quick research, and learned through Wikipedia that there are numerous historic locations in the county. A total of 35 locations showed up with the first being the childhood home of Susan B. Anthony.

The childhood home is located in Battenville, New York. Anthony and her family moved here when she was 13 and then moved away when she was 19. As this house stands currently, it looks barely well maintained. Yet surprisingly still strong enough and not collapsing. The grass isn’t well mowed with perfection and there are vines growing up the side of the house.

While you look at the house you’ll notice the front retaining wall looks in great shape. But as you may not notice with reports on the internet or even by the view of my picture. That this house is on the side of the road. On a highway in which the speed limit is 55 miles per hour. There is no parking spots for visitors or even a pull off spot.

We had to take a risk just to get the few pictures we got. As we parked down the road a little in a abandon pull off area, in which look liked a factory or something had once been. Obviously this is a major problem for anyone trying to get a little history on who Susan B. Anthony is. And it saddens me that more care isn’t put into the location. Then again it’s much the major problem with the numerous blue historic signs located throughout the country. It’s just a small risk to learn about history.

Speaking of history and trying to understand who Susan B. Anthony is we must jump to the internet, as I attack Wikipedia to aid me in the teaching. Anthony lived for 86 years and she was featured on the dollar coin. But why is she still famous to this day?

She was born to a Quaker family and by the age of 17, while she must have still lived in this aforementioned house, she was petitioning for anti-slavery. For those wondering what year this was, let’s put it this way, she was born in 1820. Thus meaning this was decades before the Civil War and when Abraham Lincoln came on the scene fighting for the rights of those forced into slavery. Years before the Emancipation Proclamation, executive order issued by President Abraham Lincoln on January 1, 1863 in which all those entitled to be slaves would now become free.

Anthony would also fight for the rights of women, as she was one. She would form numerous groups as well as publicly speak for the rights of women. She would eventually be arrested in 1872. For get this, the simple act of voting. Yes, believe it or not, women couldn’t vote. Anthony would be found guilty of voting, she would be forced to pay a fine, a fine she wouldn’t end up paying. Something that local authorities wouldn’t get any more involved in.

According to Wikipedia “When she first began campaigning for women’s rights, Anthony was harshly ridiculed and accused of trying to destroy the institution of marriage.” Something that numerous people in our current day and time have been accused of.

When Anthony sadly died before the inevitable right for women to vote became law. But she has seen numerous states such as Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and Idaho, and several larger states followed soon after. Legal rights for married women had been established in most states, and most professions had at least a few women members. And there was 36,000 women were attending colleges and universities, up from zero a few decades earlier.

The 19th amendment which gave women the right to vote was passed on August 26th, 1920. Well over 14 years since she passed away.

Back From Vacation

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ibzB-nT9oqcHn3YhiJ5PCaKza8NVFFuxcj2hrtcKVF7e=w476-h634-noAfter taking a four day weekend, yes, it used be to a usual 3 day weekend for me, but nevertheless, it’s now a special thing to have that many days off. I have come back to work. Yippie! Everyone in the world is so happy for me.

Actually, no. Sadness is being had by all, especially me. While the fun and the enjoyment and of course the excitement of having a four day weekend suddenly wears off. It’s just hard. It really is.

Especially for me. I mean, yeah, everyone else has trouble getting back to the grind, but someone who works nights has it extremely difficult. From going to being able to sleep at nights and be awake all day and to have to drop it all and go back to the grind. The grind of being a zombie.


But the weekend was fun. Pictures are being posted to Facebook. And of course a retelling of the stories, tales and journeys I enjoyed will soon hit the page.

STAY TUNED! Or wait for me to blab about it on social media.

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Life Of Luxury

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For the past nine years, two months and eight days and some odd minutes with way too many seconds too count. I’ve lived a life of luxury. Well, if you consider staying up all night and working on your feet, knees, hands, and well, whatever else just to get the job done being part of lifestyle some refer to as a luxury. But I on the other call it my life. It’s not one of glory. It’s not one that makes me a boat load of cash. It’s just one that I live to stay afloat in this world.

Too put it bluntly I work nights at a grocery store. It’s not one of those big glamorous jobs where the media chases me down and takes my picture. It’s just a job that gives me money so I can pay my bills. And if I’m lucky can do something fun.

It’s one of those jobs that you have to have when you ended up walking away from college. I guess you could say I dropped out, but really I just walked away. I didn’t really drop anything, as much as I did just walk away.

The job has gotten me to where I am today. Not in a big house, but in an apartment. I have gained a few high end items. I have a phone, a laptop, a couple of couches and some televisions. It’s afforded me to travel some so I can watch some independent wrestling or some baseball. It’s helped me gained to my ever so close to hoarding type collections. Most of which help to fill my apartment and lay dormant and untouched because of the sheer tiredness I constantly feel.

But I power on.

Working the graveyard shift or the 3rd shift as others who are afraid of the grim-some term call it. Is tough. It’s not for the faint of heart. It’s not for the weak. I can barely survive it. I don’t know how I do. I’ve seen probably over a hundred people fail at it. Yes, it has to be at least a hundred. To be able to stay up in the wee hours of the morning, when everyone else is asleep is difficult. It’s much easier if you don’t think about it though.

I’ve seen many a men and women attempt it. They make it a few days and bow out. Or they try and survive it and over come it, but only succumb to the inevitable doom it presents. Which is the simple fact that you need sleep. The body will tell you when to sleep. If you think you can win the battle against sleep – you will lose.

People try and cheat it. They take a nap during lunch, but usually they fail at it because I end up having to turn on them and wake them up. And I won’t go lightly into it either, I’ll being to yell and scream to wake them up. But usually I’ll just let them sleep, tell them this job ain’t for you.

Am I special because I can do it? No, anything but. It’s just the shear determination that I know there’s probably nothing I can do that will pay me what I’m making now. So I power on.

I want it to all end. I just want to walk away from it. I don’t want to work the overnight shift anymore. It’s terrible, it’s the worst thing I’ve ever done. It messes with your head. Especially when you haven’t had enough sleep. And you never have enough sleep.

You could go into the night thinking “Yeah man, I’ll be fine. I had my full eight hours of sleep. I’ll be able to power through this.” But there comes a point in the night where your body is telling you to stop. Just go to bed.

Why does it happen?

Simple. The human body is not a nocturnal beast.

The other day, for those who follow me on Facebook saw, I posted something about paranoia kicking in when you haven’t had enough sleep. And it’s true. For those of you who’ve never worked the overnight shift you don’t quite understand what it is.

Yes, you can stay up all night, or have trouble sleeping one night. But when you work over nights. Damn. It just messes with you. Especially when you try and fill in your days with chores, activities, or whatever else. It’s hard.

There’s just something about working that shift that messes with you.

It’s something I don’t wish on my biggest arch rival. The most hated man I’ve ever had. No one.

It’s the worst.

And words, man, words just can’t justify how terrible it is.

If you work it, you know.

If you work it and disagree, well, you’re just lying to yourself.

But then again, it’s a life of luxury.

What’s In A Date?

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We all know of those special days. Those days on the calendar that mean something to us. From it being our birthday to a anniversary. To a date in which we remember a event that changed the world such as 9/11. We all have those certain days where for whatever reason we stop and think about the past.

One of those days for me is quickly approaching. It’s one of those dates where it used to be time to celebrate. But now it’s just another painful reminder of things that should have been but can never be again. One of those days where the thought of it disappearing never was a thought.

That date?

May 1st.

For me it’s a reminder that I can’t celebrate my mother’s birthday. As it’s closing in on 6 years since the cancer took her away.

But as this date reminds of the pain of missing her. This year it also marks the date in which one of my passions comes to attack.

I, as many of you may or may not know, have a small passion in which I am a wrestling mark. Or a fan of wrestling as those who don’t understand those “inside” wrestling terms.

As many of you may know of the most popular wrestling company World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). But there are a world of other companies. And numerous others that are no longer around.

While the stories of the companies that have past their time is one that I have and will cover again, but the main story right here is WWE. And there upstart company NXT. Which is primarily used as their training faculty. But since the launch of the WWE Network has spread to become a entity all in itself.

NXT’s rise has risen so strong that WWE has decided to give the company some road time. And not just keep it down in the state of Florida at the Full Sail University where the majority of their shows have been held. But see if the brand can survive on it’s own.

After testing it at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival and it being a success, they have chosen four places to hold live shows. They include Columbus and Cleveland in Ohio; Pittsburgh and Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. And the fifth show will be located in Albany, New York. The capital of New York State. They will be holding the show at the historic Washington Armory.

While the two Ohio shows and the Pittsburgh one will all happen on a weekend in June. The Philadelphia one will occur on May 14th which is the day after 2 back to back shows featuring Ring Of Honor and New Japan Professional Wrestling. Oddly enough it’s perfectly fine for WWE to use the steam from other companies but if other companies do that to them around WrestleMania season they’re not allowed to without being outside of a 100 mile radius.

The second road show for the NXT which will be in Albany, New York will be held two days later on the 16th of May. Which oddly splits the days of two Squared Circle Wrestling (2CW) shows. A independent wrestling company who has had numerous talent that is now signed by WWE. Such as, using their current WWE names, Daniel Bryan, Luke Harper and Kevin Owens.

To add to intrigue as these NXT shows have just been announced. Is the fact that the first 2CW show is located about a half an hour away from where that NXT show will be. Plus the 2CW is working with the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame (PWHOF), a company also not affiliated with the WWE. A company that honors all wrestlers even those who haven’t performed in the WWE. The PWHOF is holding their annual induction on that same night NXT will be in Albany. Just about a half an hour away.

Now is this a way for WWE to try and push down the little guy? Yes. Just like when Burger King puts a location next to McDonalds. Its a way to try and piggy back the success of their competition to work for their own greediness.

Am I telling you don’t go to NXT? Nope. Am I telling you it’s rude? Yes!

So wait what does May 1st have to do with all of this? Well, the tickets for these events will go on sale on that date. And to set the knife in the heart a little farther. WWE will be holding a live show in Syracuse on the date too.

Maybe I’m paranoid or maybe someone from Stanford hates me.


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