Hachland Has Been Sold! Welcome To Perry’s Land!

Social media users, internet friends, Facebookers, Twitter users, my fellow Americans-and my fellow citizens of the world community:

I ask you to share with me today the majesty of this moment. In the orderly transfer of power, we celebrate the unity that keeps us free.

Each moment in history is a fleeting time, precious and unique. But some stand out as moments of beginning, in which courses are set that shape decades or centuries.

This can be such a moment.

Forces now are converging that make possible, for the first time, the hope that many of man’s deepest aspirations can at last be realized. The spiraling pace of change allows us to contemplate, within our own lifetime, advances that once would have taken centuries.

In throwing wide the horizons of space, we have discovered new horizons on earth.

For the first time, because the people of the world want peace, and the leaders of the world are afraid of war, the times are on the side of peace.

What kind of a nation we will be, what kind of a world we will live in, whether we shape the future in the image of our hopes, is ours to determine by our actions and our choices.

The greatest honor history can bestow is the title of peacemaker. This honor now beckons America–the chance to help lead the world at last out of the valley of turmoil and onto that high ground of peace that man has dreamed of since the dawn of civilization.

If we succeed, generations to come will say of us now living that we mastered our moment, that we helped make the world safe for mankind.

This is our summons to greatness.

I believe the American people are ready to answer this call.

Welcome to the new land, welcome to Perry’s Land.

My name is Perry Blair and as of today I will be taking over Hachland. I will continue in the tradition in which Hach has brought to you and I will improve on that.

Over the next few days I will gradually guide you into a new age. I will also guide you into the expansion of new and more exciting features.

I hope you welcome me into your homes and heart as I will do the same with you.

Thank you and please look forward to the rebirth of this land!