Union College Wins Frozen Four


In the wake of the utter collapse of another New York state college failing miserable in a NCAA tournament.

New Yorkers have once again something to cheer for as Union College from Schenectady have won NCAA’s Frozen Four tournament!


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Who Remembers Mathnet?

Were you a lucky enough kid to watch Mathnet on PBS?

If not check out this clip.

Read more about the greatness that was Mathnet by clicking on this link.

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Hulk Hogan Starring In The Ultimate Quest

At WCW’s Spring Stampede 2000, we saw Hulk Hogan go insane! He attacked the commentators booth and demanded to find Eric Bischoff…. But Why?


Hogan’s anger scared the hair off of Scott Hudson. Much like Hogan did to himself decades prior.


These grown men literally went psycho for Hogan. Especially that guy in the white sweater who jumped up and down and up again!Image190

While the fans were filled with excitement… Eric Bischoff was not. Image189

Hogan on the other hand, was screaming Bischoff’s name and begging to “Eat his ass”Image188

Hogan had the biggest decision of his entire life to make…


To go to the door or to reach for the Diet Coke…Image187

He instead choose to learn how to read…


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WCW Halloween Havoc 1993: The Child Predator

Recently we talked about possible racism at the 1993 WCW Halloween Havoc. But we should also point out there may also have been a child predator present… Image118

This is WCW lead announcer Tony Schiavone dressed up as a vampire.


This is Tony smiling. Why is he smiling?


It can’t be because this kid touched his nose… could it?


Wait a minute… What is around that kids mouth? And that girl is way too shocked… or wait… Where are the parents of these children?

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WCW Halloween Havoc 1993: The Racism

¬†With the launch of the WWE Network, we are awarded with 1,000s of hours of wrestling history. From WWE to ECW and to WCW. And this is where we pick up as we take a look at WCW’s Halloween Havoc from 1993.

Now if you are faint of heart please don’t notice how they turned a average wrestling pay-per-view into one of the racist events ever!Image227

Look at that Halloween Havoc logo. You can honestly tell it’s a WCW show from 1993. Do you notice the cloudiness? That’s because it’s supposed to be haunted.


Eric Bischoff to dressed like a Confederate solider.Image64

Two skinheads?Image58

Um… Wasn’t Harlem Heat Stevie Ray and Booker T? What happened to Booker T?


That’s not a plantation owner is it? This is just coincidence right?


Um… Is that a noose?


Um… Damn!

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The Words of Obama According To Some Random Musings

Last night Barack Obama held is annual State Of The Union, in which he goes over the accomplishments of the past year and the things he’s working on for the next year. It’s something that all of the Presidents of all-time have done. And in case you didn’t watch it or were at work like some of the strong Americans I know of. Then don’t fret we’ve throw together some quick bullet points of things that you should pay attention to.


John Boehner Is Weird Looking

ef7efc2c209741a3b4f730bd68855da2-e1360726110937 120428_john_boehner_ap_328

john-boehner 220px-John_Boehner_official_portrait

USA Today Thinks The President Lied… Do You?

The good folks over at the USA Today took a deep look at some of the numbers Obama threw out last night and this is what they came up with.. Was Obama lying? Fact Checking…

ABC News Really Thinks Obama Is A Big Fat Liar

Here is ABC News checking on every single fact that Obama babbled about last night.

Cory Remsburg Sits Next To A Fat Guy

Obama Made This Guy Almost Kill This Guy

Obama Gets Justin Bieber Arrested

Jim Cantore Beats Up Obama Supporter

Is Rand Paul Your Next President?

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The World Will Never, Ever Be The Same After Viewing This

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