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The winter storm that hit the Northeast was one of the most impressive storms to ever hit the region in the history of snow fall totals. Shutting down the entire area from schools, airports, post offices, state government offices, restaurants, stores and even eventually grocery stores.

The local ABC slash FOX news affiliate WTEN went live the entire day to provide updates and live coverage from around the viewing district. Which provided me great entertainment and the feeling of going outside and venture in the snow, but being able to stay on the couch and enjoy the warmth.

Meanwhile as this snow fell, it fell in epic amounts. From one to two inches an hour and probably even more. From incredible total amounts of snow from around 16 to 18 to even 42 inches according to the Weather Channel.

In my area we got around 17 according to the Weather Channel with a few surrounding towns getting over 2 feet of snow. I personally didn’t get out to measure, but I took this photo right outside my door.

I say that’s like 700 billion inches of snow.

Around 6:40pm last night or maybe even later or earlier, depending on who’s clock you looked at, I walked down the end of my street and shot a few pictures. Noticing that the plows had long given up on my side street, but the main route 5 which is connected to my road had been plowed decently within the past hour or so.

Numerous people were driving around, mostly independent plowing companies. I even saw a woman and her child walking with a broom. Not sure where they were going or why they only had a broom.

Today the news is warning of wind gusts and a possible of a few more inches. Most of the schools have delays and some even continue to be closed.

Maybe today I’ll be getting outside and take a few more pictures, but you can venture over to my Facebook page and view a few of the pictures I took last night.