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So let’s take a look back at something that happened 15 years ago. And according to today’s date it’s August 9th 2012… and minus 15 years would bring us all the way to Sturgis, South Dakota. We’re going to fast forward to the main event of the evening which showcased a World Heavyweight Title Match featuring the Champion Lex Luger who was the number one good guy for the World Championship Wrestling side of things as the evil New World Order had already taken over the world for more than a year. Luger being the first person to successfully defeat the nWo and it’s leader Hollywood Hulk Hogan and strip him of the World Championship. Which had occurred just five days earlier at a impromptu match on Monday Night Nitro.

I personally remember these great events as I a young lad, a whippersnapper if you will remember when The Giant now known as The Big Show was one of the first to enter the ring and begin the celebration as Luger had defeated Hogan with his patented Torture Rack of Doom maneuver. Numerous WCW allies would join the celebration from Diamond Dallas Page, The Steiners, Glacier and Ernest “The Cat Miller, even referee Scott Dickinson who would later go on to help Chris Jericho gain advantage in his feud with Perry Saturn in 1999.

Can you spot anyone you know?

Now as we venture on to the main event and after giving you some brief all be it background on the happenings, let’s introduce you to the cast of characters. As you know the main two names you shall encounter is Hollywood Hulk Hogan the leader of the nWo, the man who is seeking revenge and retribution and Lex Luger. Luger who currently holds the WCW World Heavyweight Title. We will also be introduced to ring announcer Michael Buffer, referee Randy Anderson and bringing you the commentary is the likes of Tony Schiavone, Bobby “The Brain” Heenen and “The Dream” Dusty Rhodes. So let’s go down to the ring to the one, the only Michael Buffer!!

“Ladies and gentlemen welcome to WCW Hog Wild and the main event of the evening the rematch the world has been waiting for..”

Well, call it a botch or a gaffe the 1997 WCW pay-per-view from the hills of Sturgis was dubbed Road Wild because the Harley-Davision bike company was quite upset when they refereed to the previous years event as Hog Wild. I guess you can’t falter Michael Buffer, it’s not like they payed him tons of money and he wrote the stuff down on cue cards. At least he didn’t refer to the World Heavyweight Title as the WCW/NWO World Heavyweight Title. Oh, wait, he did? Hmm.. At least he didn’t call it ECW/LWO…

Best part of Michael Buffer is his wardrobe. He really knew what kind of event he was at. No, not because of his white suit, but more mainly because of his beret. It was so over even Bobby Heenan wondered if he could style himself like Buffer.

“How does he get his hair like that?” Bobby Heenan

“It’s a beret” Tony Schiavone

Good old Tony Schiavone never getting the jokes “The Brain” was spitting out. He could legitimately play Sheldon Cooper’s father in The Big Bang Theory. I think it would work pretty good. I mean, it would be… The greatest night in sports entertainment history!

Alright back to the match… After all that’s what we’re here for that’s why I payed PrimeStar so much money for this pay-per-view….

Hollywood makes his entrance without the Championship strap around his waist. Which during the 1996, 1997 and 1998 years seemed like the oddest thing ever. After all Hogan was the best thing going in WCW and well, why not right? The world wasn’t ready for anyone else or anything else. Especially seeing his entrance was one of the best.. After all Tony Schiavone thought so too… And he was anti-nWo and pro-WCW except for this factor…

“Like him or hate him.. there’s no entrance in pro wrestling like that one” – Tony Schiavone

Hogan enters the ring and the fans are definitely starting to get on him. While the crowd is still mixed slightly in favor of him, yet some are definitely hating the heel version of Hulkster. But all is well, as the pre-cut t-shirt is just barely able to be torn apart with the grasp of the former World Champion.

Before the entrance of our World Champion we get fifteen different angles of fireworks because with the payout for tonight’s event we have a lot of money to spend on extra cameras and fireworks so much that the annual firework show at San Diego has nothing on this. Oh wait… we haven’t asked anyone to pay to watch this event.


“Oh yeah! Let it go baby” Dusty Rhodes

Still not sure what Dusty was talking about when he said this. I’m leaning towards him being so over the fact that the fireworks, but I’m not sure if he was enjoying Tony Schiavone’s commentary or maybe the introduction of our World Champion!

Oh my… I really enjoy the fact that our World Champion needs a nameplate while some guy who isn’t the champion didn’t need one. But then again maybe it was a glitch by the great production crew we have. After all it’s not like Kevin Arnold’s brother is in charge of this production!

Oh here we go! Randy Anderson is showing off the WCW World Heavyweight Title, you know this is going to be a great match. After all Luger’s been working out hard all week to clean up the title and scrape that nWo spray paint off the belt. Too bad he couldn’t bend back that one little part of the belt. Such a great legendary title with so many flaws though. It really is my favorite Title belt of all time. Thank you Ric Flair!

Wow, even Hogan’s getting ready for this one! He’s thrown the bandana off and is seriously ready to go. But before we jump in to this match let’s look at how sad it is to see Hogan with such a shiny head. The skullit is such a fancy hair style I wish everyone would showcase this style.

We start as we start most Hulk Hogan and Lex Luger style matches with the old fashion collar and elbow tie up. Which leads us to Hogan over powering Luger and pushing him into the corner. Too bad it looks like Hogan is only interested in hugging Luger rather than gaining back the title.

After a little back and forth Hogan gains a little more power and puts good old Luger into a headlock. Wait, is that a wrist watch? Ugh.. Hogan do we know what moves we’re using?

Ten minutes into the match Luger finally gains advantage and introduces the third move as he puts a classic arm bar on Hollywood. The slow powerful back and forth arm bars and headlocks are showcasing how both wrestlers work the crowd. While Hogan as the heel is working the crowd like a fiddler works his fiddle. Or maybe it’s is roof… I don’t know haven’t watched the old Fiddler on The Roof lately.

OH! Here we go! Double Ax Handle!!! Luger’s going to get it! EH… nope he moved out of the way.. Oh well, we still have a lot of match to go.. As Luger gains advantage Hogan the heel and veteran has one thing up his sleeve…

No! Not shinning his skullit. But taking a breather on the outside of the ring to stop Luger’s momentum, for that’s all that Luger really has. No pure talent of course…

Another double ax handle! Here we come… I just love the over hyping of things.. Or wait maybe I like the telegraphing of moves. Maybe I just love both of them equally. It’s like trying to figure out what you love most and I just can’t choose…..

OH here we go Hogan’s got Luger’s head and he’s gona bash him into the ring post… This is going to hurt!

Wow, someone should really check Hogan for drugs. He just bashed Luger’s head into the turnbuckle and sent him flying into the other side of the ring. Wow, what pure power by the former champion. Luger’s going to need to find something to off set Hogan’s pure power. I’m not sure he’ll be able to.

The painful move known simply as Back Rake. One more that is so painful that is hardly ever used these days in professional wrestling. Mainly due to the pain it drives to the fans of course. I so hated this move in the classic N64 video game WCW/nWo Revenge. Which of course was the greatest game ever! Just sucked that Hogan and Roddy Piper’s characters used that move…

Wait, was it? Yes! It was the famous Hogan Scoop Slam. You know what’s next right? Here we go boys and girls!

oh UM…. Nope.. this isn’t what I wasn’t talking about.. But the Big Elbow Drop could make the day!

Wow, we almost had a finish right there. That was so close… Almost as close to WCW actually making any money on this pay-per-view. Not only did they not charge the fans for coming and watching, they didn’t’ even charge them for chairs for most of them brought their bikes and sat on them..

Well, if we can’t sell them seats maybe we can sell them a t-shirt or two…

Damnit! Who gave that kid a sharpie? We need to do something to make some money. Maybe we can take pictures for the fans and sell them to them. Much like Space Mountain.

What the hell!? She’s taking a picture of our camera! Who thought of doing this event!? Bischoff we need to talk! Well, let’s see how our main event is going….

Oh fantastic! Hogan who is supposed to be carrying this match because will he knows three more moves than Luger is stalling. He must be out of breath already… Oh great… What now?

Oh good.. Hogan’s back to his feet.. But why is he holding Luger’s hair? What’s he going to do now?

Ouch! A Hogan knee to the back… Those actually do hurt. There’s so much metal in that knee it’s not even real anymore. Maybe we can get the crowd back into this match… I wonder how the fans at home are… Especially with this great commentating team…

Let’s see what Dusty is saying about this match…

“I’ll tell you what Your amazed sometimes when you talk about Hulk Hogan and all the flair and flamboyance that goes with it bottom line he’s been on all the big ones and he knows its the biggest one tonight and he knows what to do in the big ball game and really guys that’s what is its winning and losing its regaining the world heavyweight title and that’s what hes trying doing here as he really now starts to work on The Total Package the champion Lex Luger” – Dusty Rhodes

Hmm… What about Tony Schiavone?

“Greatest Moment I’ve Ever Spent As An Announcer was the 4th of August 1997.”

Well, Tony is reminding us that a few days ago he was happy… I wonder what brilliant things The Brain is saying?

“Like a master surgeon he’s taking him apart, he’s dissecting Lex Luger”

Well, we’re not getting anything of gold there. Let’s check back to the ring…

Hogan’s down! Hogan’s down! Luger’s posing to the opposite ring post. Must be a invisible mirror there. This could be Luger’s opportunity to get the victory and escape the champion! Oh damn… Hogan slides out of the ring and Luger follows and then Hogan regains his advantage but not before bring this epic back and forth between our man Tony and “The Brain”

“And He Has…” – Tony Schiavone

“Cable.” – Bobby Heenan

“He has the cable” – Tony Schiavone

“What do you call now he’s gona put it around his neck” – Dusty Rhodes

Randy Anderson warns Hogan once again. I’m not sure if Anderson will disqualify Hogan in front of this rowdy crowd…

Oh another pinfall attempt… This time Hogan is counting along… Nope.. not good enough.. just another two count!

Watch it Hogan. He’s bringing out his diva side.. With a classy bitch slap to the Total Package.

Damn Hogan is putting it to Luger. Just look at him down in the corner. I wonder how our Pro-WCW announcers feel about this nWo anti-WCW guy beating up our pro-WCW guy…

“One thing about it he knows what shape he’s got Luger in and as long as he’s got him there he’s gona get him wore down a littl e bit more he’s really taken this thing and ran with it all the critics of Hollywood Hulk Hogan you need to stand up and take notice at this athletes ability in the big game and this is what its all about right here as now he tries to dismantle if you will the heavyweight champion of the world Lex Luger” – Dusty Rhodes

Well, that sounds like someone is about to join the nWo….What about the voice of WCW?

“Shows you how good he can wrestle” – Tony Schiavone

Seriously? At least “The Brain” can save our announce team right?

“When he’s a 107 years old I’ll put my money on him” – Bobby Heenan

Wow, I guess everyone is pro-nWo…. Let’s see how Hogan is killing Luger now…

Oh great it’s almost over… Luger’s down on the mat and Hogan is slapping his hands together signaling the end. All that’s left is a one, two, three count from Randy Anderson and Hogan will take back his championship….

Wow, Luger kicked out again. Hogan’s getting upset.. I wonder if he’ll take out Randy Anderson? After all Anderson was the same guy who ref’d the match on Monday Night…

BIG BOOT! BIG BOOT! IT’S ALMOST OVER! All that’s left is the big leg drop!

What he’s going for the pin fall before the big leg? This isn’t going work! Oh, and look. Luger kicked out. I knew it! I knew it!

Hogan’s getting upset now. The crowd is chanting “Hogan sucks” it’s really working Hollywood into a dizzy. But he’s coming back with “Lex Loser” and as “The Brain” spits out…

“He hasn’t shut up since the bell rang.. Mr. Hogan goes to Washington” – Bobby Heenan

And oh, after we could clearly hear Hogan calling Lex Luger “Lex Loser” Tony says..

“He is Lex Champion” – Tony Schiavone

After a vertical suplex from Hollywood… Luger pops right up… Obviously he’s Lex’ing up… Does that work? After all he’s not Hulking up…

“Uh, Uh, OH, whoa He popped up. We talked earlier about a second wind. it’s come to Lex Luger now.” – Tony Shiavone

Hogan turns around sees that Luger is ready to attack.. It doesn’t look good for you pro-nWo guys… I think Luger’s going to escape still champion… Just a few flying forearms and the Torture Rack Of Doom and that’s it…

Hogan runs and hides in the corner causing Luger to lose his momentum and then…

The classic eye poke.. Maybe Hogan will stop Luger’s run as Champion.

Hogan’s cleaning out his nose… not like it’s a huge nose or anything….

Oh here we go… it’s the big boot… it’s all over but the crying…

Wow, this must be the slowest leg drop ever!

Oh no! Luger moved! Luger moved! The momentum has swung back to WCW… Luger’s going to retain! Let’s go Luger!

Flying Forearm! Let’s go torture rack! Let’s go Total Package!!

Oh great here comes the nWo! Buff Bagwell, Scott Norton, Syxx and Kevin Nash himself!!

Luger has fought them off! Luger might actually do it!

Oh Yes! Sting is here to help! Let’s go Sting help Luger! Stinger and Luger back together again!

“Sting hit Hogan, no, he hit Luger” – Tony Schiavone

Sting’s with nWo?! NOOOOOO!!!

Hogan wins! Yet.. the crowd is getting rowdy! And Scott Norton is not happy what so ever!

Before I forget…. Now that this match is over.. I forgot to showcase something….

Yes… that sign says Nash Is God…. No wonder why Kevin Nash thinks he is……

Now that Hogan wins.. we won’t have to see Luger wearing the belt… It looked very awkward for everyone involved… Mostly for the belt…

We’re going to escape this before someone starts throwing rocks at us!

Sturgis, South Dakota