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Ever notice that Facebook’s Like feature makes Adolf Hitler look like an arch angel?

Okay maybe that’s a little stretch. But seeing Facebook has a like feature in which everything you do can be liked. The well, it gets a little over used. And with them and the rest of the world has this ideal that being mean is well, mean. It leads to a like only feature not including a dislike option. So you can never dislike a statement.
Such meaning something like this could happen…
That could be the least offensive way of the like feature. But then again, it gets really rude. Imagine you are having a bad day. And you make a comment on your Facebook page saying something along that fact of it’s your worst day ever. Then everyone goes along with liking it. How rude right?
Everyone enjoys your terrible day.
Now yes, there is more extremes in which it could hurt even more so. Such as say a loved one passes away and you make a little status update saying how sad you are that your loved one has passed away. Yet, people go ahead and like it.
Are you one of those people that stop at a car accident… Stop your car… Get out and then go up to the person who was just in the car accident and say “Hey I Like This”
Ten years ago no one would have the nerve to do these things. Hell, it’s even shocking that in this POLITICALLY CORRECT world things like this is allowed.
Yet, its only allowed because of the Bully Factor. We’re so anti-bullying that well…
The soccer moms who think nobody should be bullied and everyone should love everyone never thinks more than two seconds over anything. But that’s a whole different subject that we’re not about to get into right now. Because right now I’m not about to like that.
The Like Button isn’t just seen on Facebook. It’s also shown one nearly every single website you can possibly think to look at.. But not here…. I think…. I don’t know…..
Back to the point… Along with liking someone’s status that contains extreme amount of sorrow and depressing matters far behind the likes of any type of comedy I would like to laugh at. We also have the “We Recommend This” or the “You Might Like This” features on news sites and other related sites.
It’s a good idea I admit. Yes, I would like to read stories that have some sort of relation to the story I had/have just read. Yet, I don’t want to see this:
Okay before you start to think I altered these I didn’t. I just added the red ink. These were real stories found on the website of local news station. So for those of you who were thinking “Wait I heard of these towns”
Gesh… I just stopped you from thinking twice in one paragraph. Wow, I’m mean.
Oh crap… People like that I’m mean…
How rude of them!
So any whos….. Please… and I do mean it… Please stop and think before you like someone’s status update… It’s really rude when you like the fact that someone died or that the person is having a bad day…. It only takes a few seconds to leave a comment or something about how much you are sorry…
I mean seriously… What if Facebook was around when September 11th happened…. And someone commented that they’re having a bad day… and you liked it… or they said a plane flew into a building and you liked it…
Wouldn’t you feel like Hitler’s evil brother or sister?
I know you would…. So stop being rude!!