With the big changes occurring over in Impact Wrestling land they’re trying a lot of new things and well, we have a great idea. The great idea is a rating system of sorts almost like a way of finding out what is good and what isn’t and well….. We like it. We hope you like it.

We will use it on every future iMPACT Review we do here and well, it’s a way to judge how good we’re doing and how good they’re doing. We will rank us and them and them and us.

So without all the fan fare of a Pepsi bottle here is our brand new ranking system. Oh, and we should warn you these are fans that were at the May 17th event. Yes, there is three of them. A dude, a girl and a guy with big poofy hair. The dude and the girl’s reactions are classic. While guy with big poofy hair is well, he’s the top of the scale. He’s what we’re calling legendary. Something that is well, awesome he will appear.

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