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So for some reason unknown to everyone in the world the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell decided to suspend Will Smith for the first four games of the NFL season. Stating his involvement in the New Orleans Saints Bounty Program.

“Respect for the men that play the game starts with the way players conduct themselves with each other on the field.” stated Roger Goodell in a statement about the suspension. “It is the obligation of everyone”

Will Smith later had a statement of his own:

“I am disappointed the NFL has punished me with a four-game suspension. I have never in my career, nor as a captain asked others, to intentionally target and hurt specific opposing players. I was in no way involved in establishing or assisting Gregg Williams with implementing a bounty program. The accusations made against me are completely and 100 percent false, and I plan to appeal the decision along with the help of the NFL Players Association. Through this entire process, the NFL never notified me of what I was being accused of, nor presented me with any evidence or reasoning for this decision. I am interested in discovering who is making these specific and false accusations, and as well as why a decision was made without speaking with me and giving me the opportunity to review the facts. I am going to work with my union to clear my name and returning to the game I love and respect. Thank you to our fans for the continued support.’’

The world may never know why Roger Goodell has so much animosity towards Will Smith, but this time Goodell has the upper hand.