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With the studio release of Milton Bradley’s Battleship other board games are getting the push to be on the big screen. Much like the recent push from comic books getting turned into movies all the board games are getting the big push. So which of our favorite board games will get turned into a movie?

Oh, wait no longer. Because SMH Productions in part with Hachland Entertainment bring to you Monopoly The Movie!!!

Starring Donald Trump in his lead break out role as the master of the real estate world as he begins to have a visitor named Rich “Uncle” Pennybags played by former Saturday Night Live star Chris Kattan. Who begins to give Trump’s character tips about how he can control all over New York City. But are all of the tips helpful or not?

Find out when the Donald goes to buy the next big property in New York City and put a hotel on it and is suddenly blocked by the dog, played by Roise O’Donnell.

Oh and did we say that Uncle Pennybags is only 12 inches tall?

Check out the newest release from Hachland Entertainment & SMH Productions starring Donald Trump, Chris Kattan and Rosie O’Donnell as the dog!!!